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D.M. Muga is a diversified writer, writing in the area of Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic, and Survival. He is a survivalist enthusiast and considers himself somewhat prepared for varying scenarios, based on the concept that no one can truly be perfectly prepared for any given scenario. Chance will always be an unpredictable variable in the equation of life and survival. 

D.M. Muga is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, from 2002 to 2007. He has earned several academic degrees, with his favorite being a Master’s in National Security Studies. He is a history teacher by day and writes during the twilight and early morning hours.  He resides in Southern California with his wife and two daughters. He is adamant with his hopes to live out the rest of his life in peace, but prepares for the future, “planning for the best, but preparing for the worst.”

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The Radius: Book 1: Adapting to the Radius of The Radius Series

November 25, 2020

Explore and Survive the Radius!
Read, Enjoy, and leave a Review!
Book 1: Adapting to the Radius of The Radius Series is a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi thriller written by D.M. MUGA.
Ben, Eileen, and Richard are three of close to nine million people that were trapped within the Blue Hole Radius, in Southern California, and emerged into a world that is 1,410 years into their future.

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The Radius: Book 2: Living in the Radius

Enjoy the Second Installment in the Radius Series.

Book 2: Living in the Radius of The Radius Series is a Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller written by D.M. MUGA.

Follow our survivors, once again, in what was once Southern California... Once America... As they try to navigate their way through the Radius and the new world that was left behind for them, in the year 3433.

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The Radius: Book 3: Fighting for the Radius

March 8, 2022

Enjoy the Third Installment in the Radius Series.

Book 3: Fighting for the Radius is the final book in the First Arc of The Radius Series.

Follow Benjamin, Eileen, Alexander, and the rest of the survivors of the Radius, once again. Will they be able to defeat their futuristic foes? Do they even stand a chance? Or will the drastic evolutionary gap of 1,410 years result in the equivalent of nukes versus sticks and stones?

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D.M. Muga is a member of the WYRD Realities Network.

WYRD Realites brings together those curious and insatiable people with a thirst for history, science, folklore, esoteric ideals, & the unknown. Through hours of research, debate, and discussion, WYRD Realities explore the findings and challenge our listeners to think outside of the box and trust their intuition. After all, what is true for one person, might not be for the next. 

In addition to interviews with creators from the publishing, film, and investigative communities, WYRD Realities features reviews, recommendations, and panel discussions on topics of interest to those who are interested in indie writing and filmmaking, survival, the paranormal, history, science, conspiracies, and folklore. Listeners will be introduced to new thoughts and theories as well as to experts in their quest for the discovery of new worlds through reading, research, and personal experience.

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"I just finished reading “The Radius” but D.M. Muga. The story is Part I in the series, and I’m glad I have more of the characters to look forward to. The characters have depth and the dialogue is well-developed and natural. I really love a post-apocalyptic, dystopian novel, and this checked the boxes. I think the genre sometimes relies very heavily on technical details, but Muga did an excellent job of explaining the predicament in an accessible manner. I did enjoy that a great deal of the story takes place in the mountains, and each scene was a place I felt familiar with. If you want a good read, pick this up on Amazon."

A Great Read!

"D.M. Muga’s debut novel THE RADIUS: BOOK 1 ADAPTING TO THE RADIUS is a constant sci-fi thrill ride which you will want to see to the end. Muga ties both the post-apocalyptic and preparedness genres together using the most interesting and unique premise. Very detailed and quite entertaining, this offering will appeal to those who enjoy genre-bending science fiction. Don’t wait, pick this one up today."

5 Stars is not enough!

"An amazing, out-of-the-box story. I am a huge fan of all things Apocalyptic, but I have never read anything like this. A little Apoc, a little sci-fi, and a whole lot of survival!
We follow three, very different characters through the beginning of this devastating situation, through the confusion and chaos, and on to learning what they thought would be impossible, if ever even considered at all... being thrust 1,410 years into the future in 60 short seconds, and lost to everyone else in the world you knew and loved. I was so excited to see all the possibilities this type of crazy event could lead to. What was this new world like, would it be high-tech sci-fi or savage outside of their radius area? How are the people in such a dense, populated area likely to respond to such a crazy event? The author did not disappoint and gave me so much more than I could have ever fathomed.
I can't wait to find out what happens next!"

Unlike anything I've ever read!

"A riveting concept. Mindfully sewn together with the individual POV’s bringing you closer to the characters chapter after chapter. Definitely, a great sci-fi read, leaving you anticipating for what’s next in the series. Can’t wait!"

The Radius!

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Southern California, United States of America

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